Rachel Harley

About: Rachel has trained with the Playhouse Theatre Company (Acting, cabaret writing, voice and dance) and Fireworks DDTA (ballet, tap, jazz and musical theatre)
Height: 5ft
Playing Age: 16-22
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue/grey
Skills: Sports – Running, Cycling. Music and Dance – singing (soprano), Classical singing, Musical Theatre voice, choral singing, singing teacher, vocal range – F3- D6 (classical) F3-C#5 (Belt), Grade 8 Classical singing – Trinity College London, basic Estill technique (voice), basic ballet/tap, clarinet grade 6 – Trinity College London
Accents: American (various), English (various), Australian, Northern/Southern Irish. 

White Handkerchief Alana Burke Kieran Griffiths Playhouse Theatre
Calamity Jane Katie Brown Michael Poole LMS
Legally Blonde Paulette Jonathan Burgess Millenium Forum
Chicago Merry Murderess Kieran Griffiths Playhouse Theatre
Snow White Snow White Grove Theatre Roderick Canning
West Side Story Dancer Jonathan Burgess Millenium Forum
Edges Multi-Role Kieran Griffiths Playhouse MTC
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Multi-Role Kieran Griffiths Playhouse MTC
High School Musical Sharpay Evans Roderick Canning Grove Theatre
The Playhouse MTC Cabaret Playhouse mTC
Only Child Voice Maurice Kelly
Footsteps – Trenbrae Voice Donal Doherty Codetta
Hope Cafe Voice Kieran Griffiths Playhouse MTC
Columbia – A tale from good to bad Monk Kieran Griffiths Playhouse
Columbia 1500 Voice Kieran Griffiths Playhouse
First Light – Windows to the Soul Voice Kieran Griffiths Playhouse