Jonny Everett

Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue
Skills: Guitar, Singing (baritone), Song writing, Basic Stage Combat, Class C Driving Licence, Dance, Basic Horse Riding Skills (walk and trot).
Accents: RP, Northern English, Scottish, Merseyside, Russian, South African, Standard English, Cockney English, American accents, German, Welsh, good grasp of all accents

The Big Lebowski Live Jesus Quintana Colin Ash 5 Dollar Shake Productions
Inglourious Bastards Live Hans Landa Liam Craig 5 Dollar Shake Productions
Shenanigans Actor/dancer/singer (Various) Geraldine O’Callaghan Shenanigans
Victim of a Feather Writer/Director Jonny Everett NWRC
True Colours Billy Jenkins Martin O’Brien Waterside theatre
Road Jerry and Eddie Michael Poole 5 Dollar Shake Productions
Baggage Michael Feargal Mellon Beacon Wellbeing
Midsummer Night’s Dream Lysander Colin Ash NWRC
Hauntington Manner Frankenstein Michael Poole 5 Dollar Shake Productions
Dark of the Moon Marvin Hudgins Anne McMaster AMP
Wyrd Sisters The Fool Anne McMaster AMP
Flying Diplodocus Various Paul Evans Flying Diplodocus
The Last Letter (Short Film) Sargent Major Terry Loane Wee Buns Films
Requiem for a Fighter Taxi driver Danny Patrick Empire Productions
The Reunion Dr Smart Colin Ash 5 Dollar Shake Productions
PORTS – Few & Far Between- Music Video Lead Actor Ryan Griffiths / Paul Brown Paul Martin Brown
Meraki – Bright Lights- Music Video Dance Teacher Adam McCort Meraki
Connections Dancer Paul Brown Ascent
Furlo- Drink with your Friends (Music Video) Singer/Guitarist Michael Falcor Williams Full Circle
Harp TV Advert Voice Over Des Kavanagh / Caitriona NI Laoire (BBDO Dublin) Harp
The Good Christian Women’s Writing Group’ (Pre-Production) Ballbeg Dez McCarthy Ka-Boom TV/Storyland RTE
Progressive Building Society (advert) Husband Stevie Russell Street Monkey/Russell Curran
Flan O’Brien- documentary Various (Actor) Catherine Kirk Ally Arts Theatre
The Wipers Times Man in dream Andy De Emmony BBC
Wodehouse In Exile Nazi Tim Fywell BBC
The Fall (E1, S1) Customer Alan Cubitt BBC
Farmer Tan- Satirical online advert Taxi driver Ciaran Murray The Ulster Fry
Jon Joe – Satirical online advert Man Ciaran Murray The Ulster Fry
Diet Hard (Die Hard Parody) John McCain) Ciaran Murray Harp/Ulster Fry
BBC Spotlight NI News Actor for Interview Reconstruction Guy Grandjean BBC Northern Ireland
Blue Is The New Black (Christmas Jumper Promo) Harp Largerfield (Karl Lagerfeld Parody) Ciaran Murray Harp/Ulster Fry
The Big NI Bake Off (Parody) Paul Crawfordsburn (presenter) Ciaran Murray Harp/Ulster Fry
What We Drink In The Shadows (Mockumentary) Big Vlad (Vampire)/Narrator Ciaran Murray Harp/The Ulster Fry
World Cup Bar Sketch Series Bar Customer/World Cup Fan Ciaran Murray Harp/The Ulster Fry
Derry City FC Promo Fan/Father Sean Mullen Dunno Films
Thirst Dates (First Dates Parody) French Maître D Ciaran Murray The Ulster Fry/Harp
Pure Here & There Tour (8 online episode comedy mini series) Daft Tourist Ciaran Murray The Ulster Fry/Harp
ROE ‘Playground Fights’ (Music Video) Parent Paul Brown Fictive Kin