Maggie Hayes

Playing Range: 35-50
Height: 5″7
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skills: Various Dance Forms, Horse riding.
Accents: Fluent French and Spanish. Knowledge of Italian.

Marching on Embers Florie Ruth Carney Buglight
Love Billy Lorna Roy Haybeard Lyric Theatre
Pumpgirl Sinead Andrew Flynn Lyric Theatre
The Blue Hour Various Paul Kennedy Jigsaw Productions
Pirates Nell, Queen of the Pirates Fintan Brady International Theatre Laboratory
Heroes with their Hands in the Air Various Fintan Brady Playhouse Productions
Pumpgirl Sinead Mike Bradwell The Bush Theatre Company
Midden Mabs McGinty Lynne Parker Rough Maggie Theatre Company
Troilus and Cressida Andromache Dominic Drumgoole Oxford Stage Company
Northern Star Belle Martin Stephen Rea Tinderbox/Field Day
Translations Marie Robin Midgley Lyric Theatre
All My Sons Anne Zoe Seaton Arts Theatre
The Evangelist Nora Colin Carnegie Arts Theatre
Holly and the Lollipop Anne Roma Tomelty Centre Stage Theatre Company
Paroles Woman Phillipe Chavannes New End Theatre Company
The Poet and His Double Netta Raphael Michael Almaz Café Theatre
House of Goodwill Lady Springill Roma Tomelty Centre Stage Theatre Company
The Plough and The Starts (Irish and American Tour) Rosie Redmond Sivaun O’Casey O’Casey Theatre Company
Andromache Cephista Etienne Grel Theatre de 3 Quartes
Le Misanthrope Celiméne Fabienne Castagna Theatre de 3 Quartes
Les Maries de la Tour Eiffel (European Tour) Phonographe 1 Castagba/Kawa-Topor Theatre de 3 Quartes
Exercises de Style Various Daniel Le G CDR de Bretagne
The Conduct of Life Olympia Robi Herron Regents Park
The Merchant of Venice Portia Joaquin Calderon Tabard Theatre
Les Ruines de L’Empire Cleopatre Poupette Le Clerc Epidaurus
Cabaret du Monde Transvestite Yves Chauvelon Epidaurus
Brandy and Pep Mary Tim Pope Trundle
The Dissenter Maggie Carol Murphy Lamb Films
Hi Honey! I’m Home!  Various Carol Murphy CM Films
Made in Belfast Poetry Hostess Paul Kennedy KGB Films
A Year of Greater Love Maggie Michael McDowell  BBC/Mammoth
Christopher & His Kind Fraulein Mayr Geoffrey Sax  BBC
 Nightclubbing Aunt Maggie Carol Murphey Roof Raic/Bao/Rage
Wilderness Kelly’s Mother Kerry Rooney OMAC Productions
Maru Mary Cummins Steve Lenhoff TG4/Stirling
Cherrybomb Auntie Maggie Barros D’Sa/Leyburn The Little Film Company
Miss Conception Infertile Mother  Eric Styles Ranson Productions
The Most Fertile Man in Ireland Kelly Hughes Dudi Appleton Samson Films
The Woman in White Mrs Arnold Card Tibbets BBC
Game of Thrones Septa Scolera David Nutter HBO
Seacht PSNI Officer Robert Quinn TG4/Stirling
Rapunzel Michelle Boulez Catherine Morshead Hat Tricks Productions
Making Waves Annie Matthew Evans Carlton
Powers Mrs Reade Brian Farnham CBBC
The Bill Sr. Sarah O’Donoghue Various Thames Television
Give My Head Peace  Attracta Martin Shardlow BBC
 SI Citizenship Narrator Antaine O’Donnaile BBC Education
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