Kieron James-Clarke

About: Kieron is a recent graduate of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and a multidialectal performer with bases throughout the UK and Ireland.
Playing Range: 25-35
Height: 5’8
Hair: Shaved/Balding (Brown)
Eyes:  Blue 
Build: Large/Broad
Skills: Actor-Singer, Singing (Baritenor), Dancing (Basic), Comedy, Improvisation, Characterization, Accents, ADR-Additional Dialogue Recording, Voice Acting, Directing, Writing, Filmmaking, Improvisation, Photography, Video Gaming, Cooking, Waiting Staff, Workshop Leader, Bowling, Fishing, Football, Pool and Swimming.
Accents: English-Standard*, RP, MLE, London, Cockney, Estuary English, Liverpudlian, Mancunian, Yorkshire, Northern, American-Standard, American-Southern, Irish RP, Irish-Standard, Donegal, Dublin, Northern Irish-Standard, Derry, Belfast, Welsh-Standard and Scottish-Standard.

The Slaves of Solitude Mr Thwaites Lise Olson Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Romeo and Juliet  Friar Laurence  Chris White  Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
13 Rob/Paul/Sir Christopher  John Robert Partridge  Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Blood Wedding  Father  Louise Papillon Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
The Winter’s Tale Antigonus/Clown John Robert Partridge Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
A Month in the Country Doctor Shpigelsky Tom McClane Royal Birmingham Conservatoire 
Cinderella Persperatia Ian Kells Mr Hullabaloo
Lungs Man Iarla McGowan Workhouse Theatre Company
Lock, Stock: Live  Dog Michael Poole Five Dollar Shake  
Shaun of the Dead: Live Ed Michael Poole Five Dollar Shake 
Blackadder Goes Forth Cpl. Jones John D. Ruddy An Grianan Productions
Unified The Musical Brian David Grant An Grianan Productions
Peter Pan Mr. Smee Nora Kavanagh An Grianan Productions
Cut! Damien Tasha Curry Spineless Productions
Over The Black Spot Carrick Kieron Clarke Row B Productions
Harp Online Advert Photographer Ciaran Murray The Ulster Fry
Harp Online Advert Beer can Ciaran Murray The Ulster Fry
Harp Online Advert Christmas Lover Ciaran Murray The Ulster Fry
Lisburn Bowl (Advert) Voice William Ayton Lisburn Bowl
Radio Advert : The Sandwich Company Voice Ethan Kelly The Sandwich Company