Aimee McGoldrick

Playing Range: 15-25
Height: 5’7
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slim
Skills: Singing (Classical & Musical Theatre, Descant/ Soprano), APC – Advance level weapons (Rapier and dagger, 18th Small Sword, Axe and Shield, Nunchucks, Sai, Rope and Knife, Found Weapon, Unarmed), Irish Dancing, Drama Facilitation, Full Driving Licence.
Accents: RP, Northern English, Cockney, Standard American, General Irish

Spacewang Nora Directed by Seon Simpson ISDA Festival
Ignition Performer Patrick J O’Reilly
Engine- Belfast 1919 Performer Carlos Garcia Estevez & Paige Allerton Manifesto Poetico & Tinderbox Theatre Company
Dark of the Moon Dark Witch Philip Crawford Lyric Drama Studio
Let Us Go Then You and I Performer Seon Simpson
The Hon. , Doctor Scroogy’s War The Hon. Penelope Wedgewood Philip Crawford Lyric Drama Studio
Jakes’ Women Maggie Gina Donnelly Brian Friel Theatre Belfast
Mother Ireland Mary and Lizzie Michelle Young Brian Friel Theatre Belfast
Bump Along The Way Emma Shelly Love Produced by Louise Gallagher
You, Me & Anna Thomas McKeown
Young Blood Sam Rian Lennon NI Screen and Wolfhound Productions
Young Blood Sam Rhian Lennon NI Screen and WolfHound Productions
Two Angry Men Lily Toto McEllis Clean Slate Television and BBC
Snapshots Liv Rebecca Davis BBC Two Minute Masterpiece