Rachael McCabe

Playing Range: Thirties
Height: 5’2”
Hair: Short – Brown
Eyes: Blue
Comedy specialist: Sketch, standup, improv
Vocal: Strong singing voice Contralto, all styles, Rap
Instruments: Cello, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Tin Whistle, Percussion(various), Trumpet(Beginner)
Sports: Football, Boxing
Stage Combat: Basic
Other Skills: Experienced drama/music facilitator, Composer/songwriter/lyricist, Some Puppetry, Juggling
Accents: Ireland(native), southern Ireland- General, Dublin, Cork, English- RP, and pretty much all regional accents, Scottish- General, Glasgow. South African, Easten European, Australia/NZ, American- General, East Coast, NY, Southern. Excellent ear and facility for accents in general

The Room: Live Mother Aislinn Clarke Black Box, Belfast
Murder She Got Wrote Off Jessica Fletcher Rachael McCabe Cabot Cove Players
Tales of the Unexpected Mary Moloney Reggie Chamberlain-King Wireless Mystery Theatre
Those Who Can’t Crystal Mess B/fast Comedy Festival
Ghostbusters Diane/Winston/Various Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre
Sir Arthur Chichester’s Hallow’istmas Dan Leith Otter Debauchery Productions
Enchanted Gardens Guardian Of The Wish Tree Paul Currie
Those Who Can’t Brain Dust Belfast Comedy Festival
“Shatter” by Nicholas Boyle Sarah Nick Boyle Accidental Theatre
Voices Off Mr Burbage, Crapulous de Vintner Mary Lindsey Shot Glass Theatre Co
Over By Christmas Suffragette/Various Roles Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre
Ghosthunters Various voices Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre,
Those Who Can’t Toil and Trouble Bellylaughs Festival
Staging Beckett Winnie/Nell C21 Theatre Co.
Brief Encounter Myrtle Bagot Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre
Pigeon and Plum’s Circus Vaudeville Cabaret Winey Alehouse Paul Currie
Hatch Mother Emma Copland Fast and Loose, Accidental Theatre Co.
Madwomen In The Attic The Old Nurse Aislinn Clarke Fickle Favours
The Play Of The Book Various Roles Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre
The Tell-Tale Heart Various Roles Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre
The Music Of Erich Zahn Various Roles Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre
Romeo and Juliet Prince, Nurse, Clown Arthur Webb C21 Theatre Co.
Santa’s Sooty Christmas Harriet The Candle Roma Tumelty Centre Stage
Sir Arthur Chichester’s Hallowe’en Cabaret Truffles Mc Nab Dan Leith and Rachael Mc Cabe
Nancy Nancy Aislinn Clarke Agent 160 theatre co.
How To Be A Pantomime Horse Woman 1 Aislinn Clarke Agent 160 theatre co.
Much Ado About Nothing Margaret/Friar Emma Copland Ruff Theatre Co.
The Golden Point and Beyond Various roles Peter Morgan-Barnes
The Wireless Room Various roles Aislinn Clarke Wireless Mystery Theatre
Hansel and Gretel Tour Alf Elf C21 Theatre Company
Sunday Service Leon Trotsky/Governor George Wallace Black Box, Belfast
Gullion Tales Narrator Dumbworld Productions
Cinderella Wee Frillie Peter Quigley C21 Theatre Company
As You Like It Audrey/ Wrestler Terence Zeeman Jigsaw Theatre Co
Bar and Ger Ger Terence Zeeman Jigsaw Theatre Co.
The Merchant Of Venice Lancelot Gobbo Southbank Players
Fat City Frannie Old Musuem Arts Centre
Road Helen Lyric Drama Studio
No Harm Done? Fia Laurence Doherty Youth Justice Agency
William Shakespeare Steven Rainey BBC Radio Ulster Arts Show Online Series
Wailing Heights Voice Actor, Various roles Stephen Downey Outsider Games Inc.
Absolute Shocker (Music Video) Various Roles Aislinn Clarke