Mark Asante

Playing Range: Thirties/Forties
Height: 6’3″ (190cm)
Hair: Black
Build: 22st. (140kg)
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Full clean driving licence, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Rugby, Swimming
Accents: African, American- New York, Caribbean, Cockney, English- Standard, Jamaican, London, Manchester, Northern, West Indies.

The Full Monty (Irish Tour) Horse Simon Delaney Goldenboy Productions
Of Mice and Men Crooks Bob Carlton Queens Theatre
Pinocchio Various Paul Boyd Lyric Theatre
A Taste of Honey Peter John Dove Queens Theatre
To Kill a Mocking Bird Tom Robinson John Dove Queens Theatre
Dead Meat Nesta Sharon Crisp Etcetera Theatre
Stags and Hens Mad Eddy Jenny Healey Brockley Jack
Almost Grown Eddie David Annen National Theatre
Scare Leroy The Bridewell Theatre
Welcome Home Private Peters Clinton Blake Lyric Theatre
Jumpshot Junior Clinton Blake Riverside Studios
Robot Overlords VC Jon Wright
Starred Up Denton David Mackenzie Film 4
Good Vibrations Squad Leader Lisa Barros D’sa
The Riddle Dwayne Brendan Foley Manuscript Productions
Johnny Was Nathan Mark Hammond Ben Katz Productions
Apocalypse Marc Tony Jopia Great Dayne Productions
Happy Family (short) Olu Hugh Noonan
Non Compus Mentis (short) Milton John Ellis
Love Letters (short)
Bill Nick Doran
Joe All Alone Dave the ticket inspector Beryl Richards BBC
Endeavour Lloyd Collins Jim Field Smith ITV
Ill Behaviour Harry Steve Bendelack BBC
Vera John Hammond Louise Hooper ITV
Line of Duty Desk Seargent Daniel Nettheim BBC
Hidden Gate Officer Niall Mac Cormick BBC
Occupation Ben Nick Murphy BBC
Messiah Phil Mead Harry Bradbeer BBC
Give My Head Peace David Michael McDowell BBC
Chucklevision Inspector Inverdal Martin Hughes BBC
Country and Irish Palooka Heather Larmour BBC Radio
Point of Departure Mawumbu Heather Lamor BBC 4