Oisin McCallion

Height:5’8″ – Strong Physique 
Playing Age: Teens/Twenties
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue/Green
Skills: Comedy, Standup Comedy, Strong swimmer, Boxing, K1 Kickboxing, Running, Weightlifting, Impressionist. Dancer with strong enthusiasm.  
Accents: Basic American, Southern American, Middle Eastern, Mexican, South London, Northern England, Belfast, Dublin, Castle town, New Zealand, French, Edinburgh and Italian.

The White Handkerchief Gerald Donaghey Kieran Griffiths The Playhouse Derry
Hansel and Gretel Bubbles Roderick Caning Grove Amateur Theatre Group
Sleeping Beauty Prince Charming Roderick Caning Grove Amateur Theatre Group
Robin Hood Tax Collector Roderick Caning Grove Amateur Theatre Group
Cinderella Cinderella’s Father Anne Mc Master NWRC Level Three Performing Arts
Two Landlord Colin Ash and Michael Poole Five Dollar Shake Productions
Customs and Exiles John “the quiet man” Michael McGuire Michael McGuire
Goodnight ST. Mickey ST. Julian Conall Melarkey University of Colerain
Monday Jack O’Neil Johnny-Ray Brolly NWRC media department
Confinement Johnathan McGuire Tomala White NWRC media department
Downloaded Doctor Daniel J. Patton Red Matter Productions
A Weak In The Life Man struggling through the week Dearbhla Cairns, Megan Harkin, Una Morrison and Oisín McCallion NWRC media department
Saculina Jason Jake Bradley Mcgee University
Synthetic Killian Nathan O’Neil Collage assignment
Lee Mathews: The Irish Way (Music Video) Conor Griffin Lee Matthews The Garage Project
Syndeo (Online Advert) Hipster Josh Deery JourneyFor