Warren McCook

Playing Range: Teens/Twenties
Height: 6’0″
Hair: Brown
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Blue
Skills: Strong singer – wide range, Dance (Hip Hop, contemporary), Instruments (guitar, mandolin), basic mime, cry on demand, basic juggling, impressions, ,Callisthenics, Strength and endurance training, Basic Acrobatics – front-flip, back-flip, Hand stand/walk, Ukulele, Song writing. Football, Rugby, Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Climbing/Bouldering, Strong Swimmer, Running, Pool, Snooker, Personal training techniques, take to sports quickly. Radio work, Voice Acting. Full UK drivers License
Accents: Various English, Various American, Scottish, Australian, German, Irish,
Northern Irish.

The White Handkerchief William McKinney Kieran Griffiths The Playhouse
Edges Lead Kieran Griffiths The Playhouse MTC
I love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Lead

Kieran Griffiths The Playhouse MTC
War’s End Steven Codie Morrison Blue Eagle Productions
Cinderella Grizelda Ian Kells Hullabaloo Theatre Company
Jack and the Beanstalk Ian Kells Hullabaloo Theatre Company
Sleepy Hollow Sarah Lyle Cre8 Theatre
Guys and Dolls Michael Poole LMS
TheNewAdamB99 On Tour Adam Beales TheNewAdamB99
Tactics for Time Travel in a Toilet Warren Niall Rea Theatre of Pluck
Inglourious Basterds Lt Archie Hicox Michael Poole 5 Dollar Shake Productions
Shenanigans Various Sketches Michael Poole 5 Dollar Shake Productions
13 Evan Goldman Victoria Lagan VLDD
Into the Woods Cinderella’s Prince Paul McMaster Northern Lights Theatre Company
Hairspray Corny Collins Bryan Logan BDG
Les Misérables Marius Kelly Neil Northern Lights Theatre Company
Over The Black Spot Kieron Clarke Row B Productions
The Reunion Luke Colin Ash 5 Dollar Shake Productions
The Lodge Backing Dancer Matt Bloom Disney
Harp Christmas Ad Ciaran Murray Harp
Operation Waster Linda McCracken Big Telly
The Path of Flames Narrator Ethan James Longlegskelly
An Unlikely Soldier Narrator Ethan James Longlegskelly