Micheál McDaid

Playing Range:16-26
Height: 6’0″
Eyes: Blue 
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Accents: Derry*, American-Standard, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, Liverpool, London, Russian, Scottish-Standard (*= native)
Skills: Skilled: Baritone, Artist, Chef, Chess, Director, Impersonation, Poker, Scriptwriter, Story Telling, Tour Guide, Waiting Staff, Writer, Poetry Reading, Street Theatre, Basketball, Bowling, Bungee Jumping, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Car Driving Licence, Voice Over

A Crack in Everything Various Jo Egan Macha Productions
Illuminate Derry Henry Rachel Melaugh In Your Space Circus
The Crack in Everything Various Derry Playhouse
The Monk The Bird and The Priest Thomas Feeney Kieran Griffiths Derry Playhouse
The Chemsex Monologues Steve JP Conaghan Derry Playhouse
Over The Wire Colin Kenny Glenaan/Kieran Griffiths Derry Playhouse
Glengarry Glen Ross Blake/Ricky Roma Michael McDaid Citylight Productions
Communion RUC Officer Séan Coyle Séan Coyle
I Know You Sean Colm S Herron
A Year Marty Séan Coyle
The Ballad Of Bozo Scribbles Henry Cullen Loughnane BFI Film Academy
Turf Niall Ara Devine Devine Productions
Truce RUC Officer 1 Roma Harvey BBC
Clean Freak Flatmate John Chambers Bennigans Film Society
Nervosa Connor Séan Coyle Bennigans Film Society
Pictures and Music Jack Colm S Herron Bennigans Film Society
False Nine Tommy Bradley Séan Coyle Bennigans Film Society
Bucket Aiden Michael Barwise Transfusion Fims
Penance RUC Officer Tom Collins TG4
Too Hot to Bury Jack Saule Norkute Transfusion Films
Michael Davitt: Radcach Thomas Clarke Deaglán O’Mocháin
Anamnocht: John Phillip Holland John Phillip Holland Macdara Vallely TG4
Charlie Journalist Kenny Glenaan RTE
Echoes (Commercial) Father Séan Coyle Trigger Finger
Cyber Police (Training Film) Attorney John Walsh Michael Barwise MetaComplience
On A Clear Blue Morning (Recording) Narrator Séan Coyle More Pie Productions
Awaken Spirits of The Walls…and Beyond Narrator Brogan Wakeley More Pies Productions