Conor McIlroy-Sanchez

About: Conor is currently a BA Drama student at Queen’s University Belfast and has also trained with the Playhouse Musical Theatre Company  
Playing Range:16-26
Height: 6’1″
Hair:Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
Eyes: Blue 
Languages: English & Spanish (Fluent), good level of conversational French
Accents: Northern Irish (native), Southern Irish (Generic, Dublin, Cork), Scottish (Generic, Glaswegian), English (RP, northern, scouse, cockney), Welsh (Generic), American (Generic, New York, Southern states), Australian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Eastern European, Russian, Scandinavian. Can pick up accents easily.
Skills: International level swimmer, good level at; soccer, gaelic football, hurling, rugby, running, athletics and can pick up sports with ease. Professional experience with stage combat. Fully NPLQ qualified Lifeguard. First aid AED level 2. Proficient in archery and archery instructing. Good singing voice (High Baritone), plentiful experience in musical theatre, basic vocal training. Strong dancer, basic training in ballet, tap and jazz. Good natural ability for hip-hop and contemporary. Can pick up choreography easily.

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