Luke David Young

About: Luke Trained at the Salem State University as well as having completed extensive training in TV and Film.
Playing Range: 28-35
Height: 6’5
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Green
Build: Broad Shoulders, tall frame
Skills: Slapstick • Heightened Text • Firearm Trained • Beard Growth in two weeks • Impersonations • Stage Combat
Accents: Authentic Northern Irish • General American • RP British • New York • Boston • Scottish• etc.

The Scarlet Letter Reverend Wilson/Forrester Bay Street Theatre
The Picture of Dorian Gray James Vane Sheen Center
Trainspotting Rent Boy Broken Box Theatre
Big Love Constantine Boston Center for the Arts
Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Teddy Lloyd Boston Center for the Arts
The Underpants Versati Salem Theatre
Europe Billy Salem Theatre
King of Hearts Michael Walpole Footlighters
Pinocchio Circus Master Walpole Footlighters
The Green Mile Paul Edgecomb Walpole Footlighters
Philadelphia, Here I Come Gar LYRIC THEATRE (NI)
Macbeth Banquo HELEN O’GRADY
Rebel In The Rye Costar Warner Brothers
Shakira Walks Costar NYU
Interrogation Costar SVA
Mystery of Matter Principal PBS
You Costar Lifetime TV
Mysteries At The Castle Costar History Channel
Method Principal PRATT
Mil Principal NYU