John Travers

About: Previous winner of the Cherbourg Film Festival Best Actor Award.
John began his career at 13 years old after being cast as a lead in the acclaimed Irish film ‘Song for A Raggy Boy’. He has been working consistently in the industry ever since, spanning Film, Theatre, T.V and radio. The films he has worked on have accumulated 33 awards worldwide.
Playing Age: 20s-30s
Hair: Brown
Build: Slim/Toned
Eyes: Blue
Skills:Acting, Accents, Multi-Role, Improvising, Reading ,Writing, Meditation, Memorisation, Work-Ethic, Sports, Athletic, Boxing (Amateur Ulster CX2, County Antrim CX2, All Ireland Finalist X2), Football, Shooting, Archery, Fitness, Swimming, Gym, Running, Fishing, Food, Chess, Snooker and Pool.
Accents: Northern Irish.Belfast (Native),General Irish, North and South, Dublin, Cork, General English, RP, London, Manchester, Yorkshire, General Scottish, Edinburgh, Glasgow, General American, East and West Coast, Australian and Various European. A general aptitude for accents.

Eastside Arts Show (Coming Soon) Billy Boy Matt Faris Eastside Partnership
Brenda’s Baby (Workshop) Multiple Tom Finlay C21 Theatre Company
Time of Your Life &Benny/Multiple Fintan Brady Partisan Productions
We Taught Out Children How to Lie Multiple UDR ex-Soldiers John Travers A.C.T Initiative/ Etcetera Theatre Company
Albino Parts Crotty Kieran Griffiths The Derry PlayHouse
Vivarium (Edinburgh and Dublin Fringe) (5* Reviews) Father (Paul) & Son (Euan) Don McCamphill BruisedSky Productions/DistanceRetina
We’ll Walk Hand in Hand Vincent Lyric Theatre / GreenShoot Productions
Police Stop and Search John/Male 1 Stephen Kelly C21
PlayCraftLive Liam O’Connor Kieran Griffiths The Derry Playhouse
The Laughter and the Tears Robin Williams Kieron Magee Tread The Boards
Forum Arts Show Multiple Fintan Brady Partisan Productions
Under the Hawthorne Tree (Workshop) Michael Paul McEneaney Cahoots NI
1916 Rising Multiple Don McCamphill Tinderbox Theatre Company
The Postman Postman Fintan Brady Partisan Productions
The Journey of a Volunteer Volunteer Fintan Brady Partisan Productions
Rules of the Game Multiple Fintan Brady Partisan Productions
The Rugged Path & The Summit Sean Tansey Ian McElhinney The Lyric Theatre
Tartan T.C Patrick McCoey Ectera Theatre Company
I Never See the Prettiest Thing Paul Fintan Brady Partisan Productions
From the Shipyard to the Somme Douglas Fintan Brady/Lisa May Partisan Productions
Basra Boy (Workshop) Speedy Tony Devlin Brassneck Theatre Company
Herons Scott Patsy Hughes Lyric Theatre/Pintsized Productions
Switching Time (Workshop) Mike Emma Jorden Prime Cut Productions
The School Underneath Eric Bland Anna Newell Replay Theatre Company
Underage Drinking Drinking Teen Gary Wilson C21 Theatre Company
Not a Game for Boys Tony Peter Quigley C21 Theatre Company
Sign of the Whale (1 win) Tony Mike Duke Tinderbox Theatre Company
Choices (workshop) Vinnie Peter Quigley C21 Theatre Company
Eat Sleep Part Terry Mick Duke &Tinderbox Theatre Company
Black Box Readings/Extracts Multiple Paul Kennedy Jigsaw Theatre Company
Jonnymeister and the Stitch (Edinburgh & Dublin Fringe) (5* Reviews) Jonnymeister Paul Kennedy Jigsaw Theatre Company
NightRide (Filming) Lefty Stephen Fingleton VillageFilms
Kettle (Short) Officer Frazer Dominic Curran PoliProductions/N.I Screen
Black Medicine (post production) Jason Colum Eastwood N.I Screen
Reunion (Short) Man Stephen Fingleton VillageFilms
Silent Parades (Pilot Trailer) Shea Thomas Pollock FrontierPictures
Frankie (Short) Frankie Ken Clay FleetOfClayProductions
Special Couple Police Officer Lie Huang ZephyrSpecialCouple LTD
Invisible (Short) Eddie Don McCamphill Tinderbox/N.I Screen
My Name is Emily (4 wins) Eoghan (Square Head) Simon Fitzmaurice Newgrange Pictures
The Truth Commissioner Rory Gilroy Declan Recks Big Fish Films/Samson Films
Shooting for Socrates Frankie James Erskine New Black Films
Fishbowl City Steven (co lead) Martin McCann The Imagination Bureau
Mommies Vs Zombies (Short) Husband Hole in the Wall Gang BBC
Good Vibrations (4 wins) Bafta Nominated Mutt Lisa Barros D’sa & Glenn Leyburn N.I Screen / BritishFilms
A Division at the Somme (Short) Trench Soldier Jonny Waite LuxbravoFilms
Two Dogs Caged (Short) Paul Jonny Waite LuxbravoFilms
Belfast Story Youth 1 Nathan Todd N.I Screen
Five Day Shelter Robbie Ger Leonard ShelterFilms/BoardScannaNaEireann
Sundays Colin Alana Riddell BritishFilmCouncil
Latte Café Punter Matt Curry/Barry Etherson N.I Community Relations Council
Grand Mal Pavel Michael Corish Steven Dawn/NI Screen/Silver Sombrero Pictures
Red Lights (Short) Young Lover Redmond Entwistle Belfast City Council
Peacefire (5 Award Wins) Colin MacDara Vallely MayFly Entertainment
Closing the Ring Young Quinlan Lord Richard Attenborough Scion Films
48 Angels James Marion Comer Fantastic Films
Wilderness Davie Mike Bassett Momentum Pictures
The Mighty Celt (1 award win) Spacer Pearce Elliott Treasure Films/Green Park Films/BBC Films
Man About Dog Boy Paddy Breathnach Pot-boiler Productions/Treasure Entertainment
Everything in This Country Must (Short) (Oscar Nominated) Fiachra Gary McKendry Larry Gold/6 Mile Production
Oranges are Blue (Pilot Trailer) John Lab-Ky-Mo Kalm Boy Films/Littlewing
Song For A Raggy Boy (19 International Awards) Liam Mercier Aisling Walsh Subotica Entertainment/Winchester/LoloFilms/Cape Clear Productions
A Locals Guide to: The New Lodge Road (Documentary) John Travers/Self Ally McKenzie BBC-1
The Break T.V Series ‘Last Night in Belfast’ – BBC III Shorts Love Interest Aiden Largy BBC- III
Manchester to Belfast (Music Vid Ad) Garry Cinnamon Ally McKenzie Sideline Films Car Insurance (Valentine YouTube Ad) Bad Boyfriend Phil Ball PhoenixMedia
Invest NI Boyfriend Phil Crothers SpotOn
Anti-Knife-Attack (Cinema) Burnsey (lead) Stanley Davidson 10 Genesis / SpotOn
Anti Litter Campaign (T.V Ad) Dublin Boy David Edwards QMP Publicis
Youth Justice Conference Andy Andrew Keil Inferno Productions LTF
Cracking Crime – Missing Persons – Aengus Shanahan (Reconstruction) Aengus John Carlin Sterling Studios/RTE
Adidas F50+ (Delacroix) (T.V Ad) Chav Boy Fredrik Bond MJZ/180/Sky
In Cold Blood – The Murder of Timothy Sullivan Timothy Steve Lenhoff Sterling Studios/BBC NI
BT Broadband (T.V Ad 2) Paperboy Mark Black A.V.Browne
Invest NI (T.V ad) Boyfriend Phil Crothers SpotOnFilm & TV/UTV
Insight – Cabin Hill 1993 (Docudrama) HeadBoy Steven Riley UTV
HARP Inclusion Education Michael Grainne McGuinness Morrow Communication
Work Plus Civil Engineer Simon McCormick Damage Audio Belfast
Lyle Bailie Demo Voice Over 2016 Various Sonia Laughlin/Sound House Lyle Bailie
Lyle Bailie Demo Voice Over 2014 Various Sonia Laughlin/Sound House Lyle Bailie
Across The Narrow Water Radio Play FaceAche/Ratso Tom Kelly/Brian Murray / BBC Blackstaff BBCRadio
Suicide Prevention Victim Soundhouse Shell-like Downtown
Anti0Knife Attack Perpetrator Soundhouse Genesis/SpotOn
NSPCC Boy Soundhouse Shell-like/Downtown