Maria Connolly

About:Maria Connolly  is an award winning actress and writer from Belfast. She trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama ’91-’94. At central she won the Kenneth Branagh Renaissance Award. Maria received the Irish Times Best Actress nomination for her performance in ‘Problem Child’, produced by Prime Cut Productions. Maria was awarded an Aisling Arts and Culture Award and a National Lottery Portrait of the People award for creating the show ‘The Broads’, and continuing to bring the arts to thousands of people living in isolation throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. Maria’s play ‘Conversations With Angels, produced by Brassneck Theatre Company, sold out in record breaking time at the West Belfast Feile in 2021.  Maria plays recurring character Alison Merchant in BBC World Production’s TV series ‘Line of Duty’ and is a regular character in CBBC’s sci-fi drama ‘Silverpoint’. Maria was delighted to feature in Sport Ireland’s recent ‘It’s My Time’ campaign, encouraging women over 40 to increase physical activity levels.
Height: 5’4″
Playing Age: 40’s to 50’s
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Strong swimmer, comedy improviser, singer: soprano, strong physical theatre performer, devising, writer, conversational Italian, driver.
Accents: Belfast (native), Southern Irish, RP, American, Most English

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