Jonny Everett

About: Jonny studied Performing Arts at the NWRC in Derry. He also holds  a First class BA in Drama from the Ulster of University.
Playing Range: Twenties/Thirties
Height: 5’ 9’’
Hair: Brown
Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue
Skills: Guitar, Singing (baritone), Song writing, Basic Stage Combat, Class C Driving Licence, Dance, Basic Horse Riding Skills (walk and trot).
Accents: RP, Northern English, Scottish, Merseyside, Russian, South African, Standard English, Cockney English, American accents, German, Welsh, good grasp of all accents

Hume: Beyond Belief. The Life and Mission of John & Pat Hume Martin McGuinness Kieran Griffiths The Playhouse Derry
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Flying Diplodocus

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These Sheets (Short film) Man Sam O’Mahony @nd Part Productions
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BBC Spotlight NI News Actor for Interview Reconstruction Guy Grandjean BBC Northern Ireland
Derry City FC Promo Fan/Father Sean Mullen Dunno Films
ROE ‘Playground Fights’ (Music Video) Parent Paul Brown Fictive Kin